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Let them eat Chocolate cake!!

Not much I can do in the garden with this heat and humidity. I just came in from about an hour of pruning and I was dripping so my thoughts turned to baking. I do love to cook but I am passionate about baking. Once I start I can't stop. At Christmas time I am a cookie making machine, I just can't make enough. And I always think that I haven't made many cookies until I start pulling out all my storage tubs filled with cookies, but that is a later blog.
Right now I want to talk about chocolate cake. I do love to bake a good chocolate cake and the choices are endless. I do have a few favorite recipes that I make over and over.  My favorite birthday cake growing up that my mother always made for me was a Chocolate Coconut Cake. I could never get enough of this cake.That stared my love affair with chocolate cake!  I haven't make this cake in years and I don't remember why I stopped. If you like coconut this is the cake for you.

Birthday Chocolate Coconut Cake
1 egg white…

Cocktails at Joann's

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Joann at her gorgeous summer home located in a beautiful Massachusetts beach community. Joann's home is beautiful and reflects her wonderful decorating style that is causal and chic at the same time. Her attention to every detail in decorating her home is inspiring. After a wonderful lunch at the club house and dip in the pool and then the beach, Joann served us delectable cocktails on her terrace overlooking her lushly landscaped back yard. Along with the cocktails she served an assortment of finger foods that captured the essence of summer eating.  Joann's delicious feats included an assortment of cheese with crackers, grilled clams with Tomato Bruschetta and slice fresh fruit. Who could ask for more after a relaxing day by the water. Joann was happy to share her recipe with us.

Grilled Clams with Tomato Bruschetta:

Combine: 3/4 cup dry while wine, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, 1/4 cup fresh parsley, 2 tomatoes finely cho…

Alfresco Birthday Dinner

Finally I can finish this post that I started a few weeks ago. I have been away from my blog and I've missed writing. I think by now you know that I love to cook and entertain. I just enjoy all aspects of entertaining, planning the menu, choosing the theme, decorating, everything. I recently threw a birthday dinner for my twins. You are never too old to celebrate your birthday in our family. Over the years I've collected outdoor entertaining pieces. I personally like to use real plates, glasses, table cloths and silverware outside and I use as little plastic or paper as possible. You can get these items on sale and in the long run save money and the environment.
I planned a family barbecue for the birthday dinner. About a month before the dinner I started planning the menu, I like to try new recipes and mix them with old favorites, Some say that you should try the recipes before you make them for company but I just try out a recipe on company, remember no fear. Just have fun a…

Happily ever after...

My oldest son is getting married and I was fortunate to be involved in planning the bridal shower. I had so much fun letting my creatively run wild and I do mean wild. I sometimes go over board well maybe all the time. It's just that I loved everything that when into planning the shower the invitation, favors, centerpieces, cake, just everything!
First I decided what I wanted to do for the shower and six months in advance I booked a restaurant for a lovely champagne brunch. From that start everything just fell into place. The feel of the shower was important to me so I chose everything to compliment the wedding theme and color. I wanted the look and feel of the shower to be simply elegant and most of all special for the bride.
First I started to look for invitations. I knew that I was going to do something more than just basic invitations and I was so lucky to find the most wonderful blank invitation with beautiful art work depicting three different style bridal shoes. Now did I…