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A Tribute to my Grandparent's Sunday Dinner Tradition

Sunday Dinner a cherished Family Tradition

As long as I can remember my family celebrated Sundays together feasting on delightful homemade food and baked goods.  My grandparents immigrated to American from Italy leaving their family behind.  No other members of their family left the mountains of Abruzzi to come here to start a new life.  Having just each other as soon as they started to have a family they began their Sunday tradition of bountiful family dinners.  My grandmother started cooking early in the morning before the family left for church.  On their return from Sunday Mass cooking started in earnest.  My Grandmother fried home made pizza dough then dusted each piece with powered sugar, to her grandchildren delight, for our snack until dinner was ready. Big vats of tomato sauce brimming with sausage, meat balls and pork ribs simmered on the stove.  My grandfather’s specialty pans of veal and peppers cooked in the ovens all ready for us as we all descended on my grandparents. …