Living in the Present Moment

So I ended my day yesterday very concerned about what I was going to do this morning. Actually I was agonizing over it. Would I go to my favorite 7:30am yoga class or would I get an early start in the garden. I was really feeling bad about having to make the decision. I was adding stress to the end of the evening and I finally decided that I'd wait until the next morning to decide.
When I woke up the next morning it was raining so I had no choice. I went to yoga. So why didn't I follow my own advice, what I always talk about, living in the present moment, the now. If I did that I wouldn't have even thought about the next day, I would have just enjoyed the end of my evening, peacefully. Instead I kept thinking I want to go to yoga because I enjoy that class and instructor,(plus I have to fit into the dress that I bought for my son's wedding) but then I really have so much that I want to do in the garden. And on and on and on, that little voice in my head creating a useless dialogue and stealing the present moment. I could have spent my energy reading or doing something else I enjoy. As it turned out all that going back and forth was for nothing. Everything worked out just as it should, I had a wonderful yoga class that gave me so much peace and energy to spend the rest of the day working in my garden. I finished planting some hanging baskets and I did some dead heading of my peonies, weeded, all good stuff. Actually I finished everything that I wanted to do and more, I went to a great yoga class!!
I am not even going to think about what I am going to do or have to do tomorrow. I am just going to let what shows up happen, enjoying tonight, the present moment, knowing that everything is just as it should be.


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