Off to the woods you go!

The fate of my failed hydrangeas is sealed. Off to the woods they go, never to remind me of my failure to get beautiful blooms all summer long from one of my favorite variety of hydrangeas. I almost transplanted these thorn in my side plants to a garden that I call my overflow garden. This garden is located at the edge of the woods and this past spring when the Charles River flooded the whole area was under water. When I separate plants and don't have room in my more formal gardens, this is where the plants end up. I even wondered "What would Martha do?" I think that I know the answer, she would never get rid of a plant, she would know immediately where she should transplant the under producing plant and finally have wonderful blooms (or better yet one of her many gardeners would take over). I, having had enough of looking at bloom less hydrangeas all summer long, made a hard decision for me and through the plants away!

On to more a much nicer topic Delphiniums. I like many gardeners treat delphinium plants like annuals, though they are classified as perennials. Expensive annuals! Each year I am lured by their beautiful blooms and deep colors, especially dark purple to purchase a few each season. I have never had a single delphinium plant return the following year until this year. I have no explanation but I was so surprised this spring to see four plants return that I raced out and bought 6 more. One thought as to why these plants came back this year is a mild winter or I planted in just the perfect location in my garden for Delphiniums. Even if I never had a single plant return, each year will find me planting a few for the spectacular display of tall grace full blooms that are magnificent.
I've shared a picture of one Delphinium. Oh and right after I took this picture a hummingbird lighted on the plant, sticking it's long beak into the flower to extract the fragrant nectar. I love hummingbirds and I was so excited that I screamed and off the hummingbird flew, so I missed a photo opt. Next time I'll try to stay calm. I have tried for many years to attract hummingbirds with beautiful feeders but all that I have found that really attracts these wonderful birds to my garden is deep colored flowers and shrubs. If you think that I never met a plant that I didn't like you're probably right. But I tend to favor an English style garden with an old fashion feel. Then I do like the garden favored by Monet at Giverny or a tranquil Japanese garden and who wouldn't want to spend some time meditating in a Zen style garden. OK, I just love all gardens. One of my favorite places to view all different gardening styles is The Huntington Library in San Mario CA. If you have the chance to visit, I highly recommend spending the day, viewing the gardens, library, museum and have tea in the Rose Garden Tea Room. You need to book the tea in advance because it is so popular! You will not be disappointed by any of the attractions that the Huntington Library has to offer. Visiting botanical gardens is always a must on vacations, you can find beautiful gardens in the strangest places.


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