Cooking and Gardening two of my favorite things

Cooking and gardening just go together. I couldn't imagine doing one without the other. This year I am so excited I planted, just a few, heirloom tomatoes in my garden. I made a small kitchen garden close to my deck. I can easily pick tomatoes and herb right out of the garden to the kitchen. I love the design that I created. I placed a slate paver in the center of the garden and circled the paver with the tomato plants. Then I added a circle of basil plants. Around the edge of the garden I intermingled more herbs.  For the focal point of the garden I planted a large strawberry jar planter with annuals and herbs placing the planter in the garden on the slate paver.  More planted seasonal annuals add a cascade of beautiful colors to complete my kitchen garden combining function and beauty.
I can't wait to harvest my delicious heirloom tomatoes. Last year I purchased these tasty beauties making the thoughts of picking my own home grown tomatoes so wonderful. Heirloom tomatoes are visually beautiful with a deep flavorful taste. So  tasty are these tomatoes that I just slice, arrange on a plate and drizzle balsamic vinegar and serve.  Simple, delicious, just perfect for a light summer meal. Serve with a main dish or as a side dish at a casual party.



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