Sunday Cooking Marathon

Fall must be in the air I woke up wanting to just cook and cook. First I made Curried Chick Pea salad and Oriental Cabbage Salad to eat today and the rest of the week as healthy side dishes.  Then on to large batches of Pasta Fagioli(or Pasta Fazool, our pronunciation), Lentil Chili and homemade chicken stock to use later in the week.
Finally I finished up with a wonderful Sunday dinner of grilled swordfish, mussels in wine, the last of local corn, salads from this morning and I just had to make a Caprese salad with my heirloom tomatoes. I know way to much food but my Italian heritage is showing.  All the recipes can be found in my blog.

Sneak peak I am working on my Mother's Gnocchi receipt. She sent me the ingredients list and now I am going to make her Gnocchi's with her walking me through her little tricks over the phone. That's what I love most about my mother's style of cooking, her unique additions to all the standard Italian recipes make her meals so delicious.



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