Spices of life, Shout out to Penzeys Spices

Nothing add zing to a dish that wonderful spices. Today I stopped by Penzeys Spices on Mass Avenue in Arlington Ma. You can find them on the net www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/shophome.html. What I love about Penzeys is not only the freshness of the spices but the variety of spices and blends. You can find all different kinds of pepper, curry, cinnamon plus so many other spices. I especially love their blends like Tuscan Sunset, Mural of Flavors and for fish I just love Northwoods seasoning. And all the spices come in different quantities so you can buy a little or a lot. So convenient. Spices don't last forever be sure to clean out you spices regularly and buy spice quantities based on your usage.

So live large, use interesting spices to "spice' up your meals.



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