Mousse Au Chocolate

Warning not only is this Chocolate Mousse outstandingly delicious but sinfully rich. Mousse Au Chocolate is an easy but elegantly presented dessert that will dazzle your family and guest!

Chocolate Mousse

8 eggs, yes I said eight!
2 pkg. (6-oz size) semisweet chocolate pieces
10 tablespoons sweet butter, I like Cabot
1/4 cup Cognac or brandy
3/4 cup heavy cream

Make mousse one or two days ahead. Separate eggs, putting whites in a large in a large bowl, yolks in a small bowl. Let the whites warm to room temperature, 1 hour.  In top of double boiler, over hot, not boiling, water melt semisweet chocolate with butter, stirring constantly.

Remove top of double boiler( you can make your own with a metal bowl fitted to a sauce pan) from water.  With wooden spoon, beat in egg yolks, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Let cool 10 minutes; stir in Cognac.  With portable mixer, beat whites until stiff, moist peaks form when beater is slowly raised.

With a wire whisk or rubber scraper, gently fold chocolate mixture into egg whites just enough to combine thoroughly; there should be no white streaks. Put into a decorative bowl.  Refrigerate.

Several hours before serving decorate mouse.  In a small bowl whip cream until stiff.  If you like a sweeter whipped cream add 1 tablespoon powdered sugar before whipping.  Fill a pastry bag with a number 6 star tip, pushing cream to end of bag.  With tube held upright, squeeze whipped cream out to form rosettes.

The chocolate mousse may be made up to the point of decorating with cream and frozen for two weeks.  To serve: Let thaw in refrigerator 4 to 5 hours then decorate with cream.



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