Love the Peplum look!

I just had to shot out to the Peplum look.  So lady like, so elegant, so Good Dinner Mrs Mellen!  My style perfectly designed for my classic retro look with a flair.  So I have to admit I am going a little crazy with my purchases but I just can't help it! Oh I've bought two dresses, one Alice and Olivia, one Banana Republic.   Did I mention the three tops that I bought, one long sleeve black knit from Banana Republic, two short sleeve, one black, one red from Alice and Olivia.  I'm now on a hunt for a great little peplum jacket, I could do a whole wardrobe out of peplum.  I know enough! Obsessed much!
What is it about the peplum that drives me to buy so many.  For me it is the classic lady like silhouette just fit my petite body type.  Anyone who is petite knows that fashion is not always flattering on petite woman.
Let me just caution woman that the peplum isn't for everyone.  Use fashion sense and a good mirror to make sure you look good.  Hint, hint. A peplum is a boom for thin woman creating curves where there were none!
How do you put the look together.  Wear peplum top with a longest straight skirt.  Or pull the look together with skinny jeans with high heels or leggings and boots.  So many possibilities.  Just make sure that you wear the peplum top or jacket with a narrow bottom be it a skirt or pants.

Check out this link
for my peplum jacket!

Work the look girls!


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