Minus 15 degrees this morning sends me dreaming of long days spent in my garden!

I am a transplant to Boston and New England, living here for over twenty five years, born and raised in Pennsylvania.  For some inexplicable reason I felt at home, as if I returned to where I belong, to my roots the very first time I visited Boston so long ago.  Funny I just found out recently, when my husband was doing genealogy research on my grandparents, that my paternal grandmother, who we were always told was born in Pennsylvania, turns out to be born in Rhoda Island.  That's another blog!  Getting back to my love for my adopted area, this morning was challenging my resolve to stay a Bostonian.  When I woke up and look my weather app the temperature was -15, yes -15!  It's colder in Boston than my lake house deep in the white mountains of New Hampshire!

Immediately as I looked at the temperature my mind started dreaming of warm weather with the long days that I love to spend working in my garden.  My fingers started clinking on all my favorite gardening site with visions of planting and redesigning my garden areas floated in front of my eyes.  I have many passions in my life, sometimes I think too many, family, cooking, gardening, yoga, running, shopping, decorating, I'll stop for now: Gardening is right at the top.  Gardening like yoga transport me to a peaceful zen like state that stays with me for a long time.  I am taken to another place were I am just one with nature and the plants that I love to grow and cultivate.  Part of the allure of gardening for me is that nature is unpredictable and always changing, just like me!  I love to redesign my garden, changing up my plants, moving, adding, discarding with each new season.  I love a new beginning, and in New England each spring is a new beginning, a new fresh start, a time to change and grow.  The endless possibilities that what I find in my garden fill my soul with joy and happiness.  Deep, profound, that's what gardening is to me.

My, my I have digressed.  Getting back on track as to why I started to write this post.  With the temperature -15 I am escaping  this fridge weather to planning and ordering for spring planting. I have three sources that I go to each year; White Flower Farms, Dutch Gardens and David Austin Roses.  Each of these growers have never disappointed me with the plants and bulbs that I have purchased over the years. I highly recommend their  quality and service.   And to treat myself since I am surviving this arctic weather I am finally going to buy the beautiful white Wisteria tree from White Flower Farms.  If you don't know about this wonderful grower in Northwestern Connecticut you don't know what you are missing.  I've ordered from their catalogue for years with all my plants a resounding success.   Dutch Gardens is a grower in Holland that has high quality bulbs and plants at a reasonable price.  What I especially like is that for the beginner gardener they have collections of bulbs selected to help you get started with your garden.  Many years and a few houses ago I started my gardens with Dutch Gardens already selected planting collections. And finally I can't say enough about David Austin Roses!  I am especially fond of old English roses with their fragrant beauty and non temperamental nature(no prima donnas in this group!)  They bloom for me every year with minimal care.  I just prune, water and fertilize!

I know I am obsessed with my garden and my plants, but it is a good healthy obsession that gives me with such joy and happiness.  I received so much more from my gardens than I have given. Enough support to get me through the coldest temperatures that I have experienced!

Enjoy!  Happy planning!


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