Bring on Hot Pink clothes to warm up spring fashion!

Oh I do love to cook, garden and decorate outfitted in the latest fashion.  I just love fashion, always have and always will!  Fashion is a creative expression just like my other hobbies.  I was out shopping and scouting new spring trends discovering that hot pink is all over for spring.  I love pink, especially hot pink which really looks good on woman over thirty.  Save the pale pink for the under thirty crowd. Deep hot pink warms up the skin like no other color.  That's why I am so hot on this wonderfully vibrant color. 

Designers that are also wild about hot pink; Kate Spade, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alice & Olivia and so many more. 

How do you add some of this fabulous hot pink to your late winter/early spring wardrobe?  Well this is what I did.  I found the perfect item to add hot pink without buying all new clothes, the beautifully cut Kate Spade Gemma in  Bougainvillea. A fluid silk short shelve top that can be worn over jeans or dressed up with a tight black skirt.  Beautiful and versatile with adding a splash of one of springs hot colors!

I have chills just thinking about all I can do with this gorgeous top! 


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